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Step 1: Please fill out this Registration Form so we have your information on file and automatically entered into our system so Karen does not need to re-type it, creating less work and less chance of errors.  Once it has been submitted you should be taken on to our Authorization Page:

Step 2: Complete the Authorization by printing and faxing or by filling it out and signing it Electronically. You should be taken to that page once this form is, successfully, submitted.
If not, Click Here for Authorization Page.

Once we receive BOTH the Registration Form AND signed completed New Client Authorization, we will create your client file and contact you for an appointment. You should hear from our office upon submission of this form (make sure you have a valid e-mail) within 24 hours. If not, please call Karen at 305-652-5372 or e-mail


New Client Registration Form (8-2016)

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